The math on our website is real easy: If you need twenty knobs and pulls to refit your kitchen cabinets, you will spend about twenty dollars, plus a reasonable shipping charge, to accomplish the job. There is simply no other place, online or brick and mortar, where you can accomplish this at such a low cost. Every knob and pull on 99 Cent sells for under a dollar! Plus, every item is in stock and available for quick shipment, so you don't have to wait long to get them.

We place this simple three part mandate on ourselves:

  1. Sell only First Quality cabinet hardware.
  2. Ship every order fast from our own inventory.
  3. Sell all knobs and pulls for under $1.00.

Our site allows you to make a quick upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and barely put a dent in your wallet. It is one of the best values in home remodeling available today. Plus, the knobs and pulls are easy to change - anyone can do it! Mounting screws are included with every order, at no extra charge.

In addition, we have amazing prices on bath hardware accessories: towel bars, towel rings, tissue paper holders, and wardrobe hooks. All are first quality at deep discount prices.

At 99 Cent, we have gone to great length to develop a low cost line of high quality cabinet hardware that you will be proud to own. Yes, the prices of our knobs are cheap, but the quality is not. Every item has been designed and engineered so that they are affordable to produce. We then pass the cost savings on to you, our customer.

Thank you for shopping at 99 Cent - enjoy the bargains, enjoy the hardware! And please - tell a friend!